vangraphd - Perl daemon to produce png format graphs of values recorded by vanprod


vangraphd [ -c <path/to/vangraphd.conf> ]


-c /path/to/vangraphd.conf This allows you to override the location of the configuration file. Defaults to /etc/vangraphd.conf if not present.

vangraphd.conf file

facility = local0 Which syslog facility should the daemon use for messages

directory = /some/path/to/weather The location where the dailyobs files from vanprod are located. This will also be the location where the daemon will write it's own files (, and the png graphs.

webdir = /path/to/my/web/images The daemon will copy the png graphs to this directory.

piddir = /var/run The directory where the daemon will write it's pid.

gnuplot = /usr/bin/gnuplot The path to gnuplot. Version 4.0 or greater is required.

interval = 120 The amount of time in seconds between graph updates.


INT or TERM will cause the daemon to exit gracefully.

HUP Will cause the daemon to re-read the values from vangraphd.conf.


This daemon is written to generate png formatted graphs derived from values recorded in the dailyobs files produced by vanprod.

Example of installation:

        cp vangraphd-$VERSION /usr/local/sbin/vangraphd
        cp vangraphd.conf-$VERSION /etc/vangraphd.conf
        pod2man /usr/local/sbin/vangraphd /usr/local/man/man1/vangraphd.1

Create a script to start the daemon for you at boot. Modify the vangraphd.conf file to suit your preferences and needs.


The daemon requires the following at a minimum in order to run:

vanprod 2.1 or greater Getopt::Std POSIX File::Copy Sys::Syslog Sys::Hostname Gnuplot 4.0 or greater

any Unix / Linux variant or Mac

Networking Web


perl(1) perlfunc(1) vanprod(1) gnuplot(1) POSIX(3) Getopt::Std(3) Sys::Syslog(3) Sys::Hostname(3) syslog.conf(5)


Copyright 2005 by Stan Sander. You are welcome to send me any requests for new features or enhancements.

Vangraphd is free software. You may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.