README for Template::Plugin::Chump 1.0 =head1 NAME Template::Plugin::Chump - provides a Template Toolkit filter for Chump like syntax =head1 SYNOPSIS [% USE Chump %] [% FILTER chump %] This will get turned into a clickable link This will turn the word 'foo' into a link to [foo|] This will get turned into an inline image with the label 'foo' +[bar|] [% END %] And this will do what you expect [% somevar FILTER chump %] [% Chump.new_type('equal','=', subref,'rege+xp') %] [% FILTER chump %] =[foo|regeeeeexp] [% END %] the subroutine subref will now be called. [% FILTER chump( {links=>0}) %] links won't be parsed so this ... [foo|] will remain as is [% END %] =head1 DEPENDENCIES This module has external dependencies on the following modules: Template Test::More Text::Chump =head1 INSTALLATION perl Makefile.PL make test and if all goes well make install =head1 HISTORY Revision history for Perl extension Template::Plugin::Chump. 2003-03-10 Added install and type handlers =head1 AUTHOR Simon Wistow =head1 SEE ALSO L, L