[![Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/dginev/nnexus.png?branch=master)](http://travis-ci.org/dginev/nnexus) NNexus provides an API and an engine for auto-linking of mathematical concepts. It supports the subtasks of concept indexing, concept discovery and flexible annotation (e.g. linking). NNexus is free, libre, open-source software. The library comes with a pre-packaged snapshot of over 10,000 concepts from PlanetMath, Wikipedia, Wolfram Mathworld and DLMF. You can jump right in with a perl one-liner: ```shell perl -MNNexus -e 'print linkentry(join("",<>))' < example.html > linked_example.html ``` ... or read the rest of this README for installation instructions and further use cases. The [Manual](pod/Manual.pod) draft contains a **technical overview** of the NNexus system. For **installation and deployment**, consult [the INSTALL file](INSTALL.md). ## Using NNexus as a Web Service These two lines of PHP illustrate how NNexus can be used via [Planetary](https://github.com/KWARC/planetary)'s curl: ```php $data = 'body=' . urlencode($text) . '&format='.$format.'&domain=Planetmath'; $content = planetary_webglue_do_post('',$data); ``` ## NNexus API JSON is already the preferred representation for NNexus requests, yet the coverage of the original NNexus request types is incomplete. An auto-linking example: ```json {"function":"linkentry", "body":"

Some text using myconcept, ourconcept or theirconcept

", "format":"html", "embed":1, "nolink":null} ``` **TIP:** The above JSON parameters are the defaults, so simply sending a HTTP POST request with the body field to ```localhost:3000/linkentry``` would yield the same result. The NNexus legacy API has been redesigned, into a simple pair of indexing and linking workflows, detailed in the "[Indexing Framework](pod/Manual.pod#indexing-framework)" and "[Annotation Schemes](pod/Manual.pod#annotation-schemes)" chapters in the manual. # Status This is a fork and rewrite of the original NNexus code by James Gardner (pebbler@gmail.com). The current refactoring is in **beta** and is under active development. Watch this space for frequent updates. The next scheduled release for the "NNexus 2.3" milestone is January 2014. NNexus is already registered as a CPAN library and is used in production at [PlanetMath.org](http://www.planetmath.org) The current development emphasis falls on improving linking accuracy as well as maintenance patches. # Contact For any questions and support requests, contact the current package maintainer: Deyan Ginev (d.ginev@jacobs-university.de)