Web Tools version 1.003

   This package is written in Perl and its main purpose is: to help all Web developers.
It bring in self many features of modern Web developing:

  -  Grabs best of Php but in Perl syntax.
  -  Embedded Perl into HTML files (default).
  -  Buffered output.
  -  Easy reading input forms and cookies using global variables.
  -  Flat database support.
  -  MySQL/MS Access support.
  -  Sessions and easy user support.
  -  Cookies support.
  -  Attached variables.
  -  Html/SQL templates.
  -  Mail functions.
  -  Upload/download.
  -  DES III encription/decription in MIME style and more...

  Join us and get the best!

INSTALL: Please read INSTALL.html
FAQ: Please read FAQ.html

Best regards,