NAME PLP - Perl in HTML pages MODULE INSTALLATION perl Makefile.PL make make install SYNOPSIS mod_perl installation * httpd.conf (for mod_perl setup) SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler PLP PerlSendHeader On # Who said CGI was easier to set up? :) CGI installation * /foo/bar/plp.cgi (local filesystem address) #!/usr/bin/perl use PLP; PLP::everything(); * httpd.conf (for CGI setup) ScriptAlias /foo/bar/ /PLP_COMMON/ AllowOverride None Options +ExecCGI Order allow,deny Allow from all AddHandler plp-document plp Action plp-document /PLP_COMMON/plp.cgi Test script (test.plp) <: print "Hurrah, it works!
" for 1..10; :> DESCRIPTION PLP is yet another Perl embedder, primarily for HTML documents. Unlike with other Perl embedders, there is no need to learn a meta-syntax or object model: one can just use the normal Perl constructs. PLP runs under mod_perl for speeds comparable to those of PHP, but can also be run as a CGI script. WEBSITE For now, all documentation is on the website. Everything will be POD one day, but until that day, you will need to visit NO WARRANTY No warranty, no guarantees. Use PLP at your own risk, as I disclaim all responsibility. AUTHOR Juerd Waalboer