Image::ThousandWords version 0.06 ================================= NAME Image::ThousandWords - convert an image to colored HTML text INSTALLATION To install this module type the following: perl Makefile.PL make make test make install SYNOPSIS use Image::ThousandWords; my $html = Image::ThousandWords::html( image_path => 'image.jpg', text => 'TurnMeIntoAnImage', }; print "$html\n\n"; exit; DESCRIPTION This module is designed to take as input the path to an image file, and a string of text, and return an HTML colored text, resembling the image made out of the string, repeated as necessary. Henning Møller-Nielsen wrote the original, Lee Goddard modified it slightly. Henning said, The inspiration I got from look at or for the first versions (and I look like this: Lee adds: Modified by Lee Goddard ( 2003, and again 15 February 2004 - I did send Henning the mod, but he didn't publish it; I lost it, rewrote it and didn't want to re-write it again DEPENDENCIES Carp GD Image::Thumbnail HTML::Entities FUNCTION html Returns a HTML formatted string, colored to resemble IMAGE. The string consists of the letters and characters from STRING. Accepts parameters as a hash, list or hash-reference: image_path Path to the file to convert. Must be openable by your version of GD. If you don't supply this, you must supply "thumb" as a GD image. thumb If you do not supply "image_path" (above), you must supply this as a loaded GD image. text Text to use in conversion of the "file". Default is "aPictureIsWorthAThousandWords", so you'd better supply your own. Note that whitesapce will be stripped. font_face String to use in the HTML, which will be quoted in "double-quotes". Defaults to 'Arial Black','Lucida Console','Courier New', Courier'. font_size Number of pixels for the size of the font used: default is 8. line_height Number of pixels for the height of a line of text. Default value is two pixels less than the "font_size". scanline_skip The number of scan-lines or rows to skip jump in each read of the image. The default is to read every line, which is a "scanline_skip" of 1 - not a very clear name, sorry. Check the relation of this to the "line_height" parameter, above. BACKWARDS COMPARABILITY The original "ThousandWords" module's "giveme" method is still acceptable. EXAMPLES FROM HENNING: Made with the v. 0.01 (just a script, inspired by (me) Made with the v. 0.03 (here the reason for v. 0.04 is apparent) (my colleagues) KNOWN BUGS None, from a perl perspective. From an image perspective things look different :-) AUTHOR ETC. Henning Michael Møller-Nielsen, hmn -at- Slightly modified by Lee Goddard, lgoddard -at- VERSION HISTORY A bit of an overkill, but hey - this is Fun! 0.01 Not really a module, just a script 0.02 '' came to life 0.03 Fixed an error so the first text in a black image wouldn't be white 0.04 Fixed an error so the first text in a black image wouldn't be larger than the rest and so spaces no longer would be used 0.05 Ah - added POD 0.06 Re-sizing of image and new access means added by Lee Future: ANSI colored text? Resizing of image? - done by lee (twice) SEE ALSO ThousandWords GD Tool completed successfully